Genocide Survivor Impostor Gatebuke resurrects fake narrative that “Aimable Karasira disappeared.”

Claude Gatebuke together with his fellow Jambo ASBL negationists of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi have resurrected the Karasira’s “kidnap” narrative when everybody knows that the culprit was lawfully arrested and currently undergoing a trial for his genocide denialism, hate speech and public incitement related charges, that’s on record. These genocide deniers act out of anger and disappointment after Karasira himself turned them down when they asked him to join their bandwagon of genocide ideologues.

On the Real Talk YouTube channel, Karasira in fact revealed how Jambo ASBL and fellow hostile elements attempted to recruit him, and he said he “regretted falling in their trap!”

“I was fooled by Rwanda’s enemies who would tell me what to say about Rwanda, and i fell into their trap.” That was how Karasira, though later convicted of crimes, decided to part ways with Jambo asbl.

Genocide Survivor Impostor, Gatebuke should bear in his dirty hateful mind that he will never succeed at tarnishing the image Rwanda, and the more he attempts it, the more he exposes himself. He is a masquerader and swindler of thousands of dollars from unacquainted western societies.

His day to stand trial will come!

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