RNC Mouthpiece Himbara’s propaganda about US-Rwanda relations is fraudulent as Himbara himself

Terrorist propagandist David Himbara aka Murunganwa, sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro, suffers from a classic case of wishful thinking. Paid to smear Rwanda online, Himbara has been hoping that his fake stories that the US is “isolating” Rwanda come true.

International relations are governed by state interests, but the paid mouthpiece thinks he can fool people to believe differently. Himbara wants to fool his audience that individual interest are at the center of international relations and in particular, of countries’ foreign policies. Inspired by his sponsor Museveni, Himbara is unable to distinguish between institutional and personal behavior. One would not expect anything better from an academic fraud who changed his name (From Murunganwa to Himbara) to sneak into University after failing High School. Himbara is nothing but a conman.

In the Ugandan regime, when Museveni wants something — like destabilizing neighboring countries for his interest— no one can stop him. His wish is law and it has been so for the last 35 years. There is no such thing as a foreign policy based on national interest in Museveni’s regime; it is all based on the despot’s personal interest.

In his wishful thinking, Himbara thinks that one or two US officials can dictate US foreign policy to the detriment of US national interests. Someone should tell this fraud he can fool no one. In normal states, even the Head of State’s personal feelings do not have any bearing on foreign policy.

Most countries do not suffer from the personification of institutions that Museveni has inflicted on Uganda during 35 years of misrule.

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