The truth behind the xenophobic propaganda by the RNC mouthpiece David Himbara

David Himbara aka Murunganwa — the terrorist organization RNC’s mouthpiece— sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro, continues to launch xenophobic and racist attacks on social media. He smears duel citizens and expats in Rwanda claiming they are unfairly getting strategic and important appointments. Diversity and tolerance in Rwanda is a threat to their hostile plan to destabilize Rwanda. There is a reason why they perceive expats and duel citizenship as a threat. All three (Museveni, Rujugiro and Himbara) anti-Rwanda die hards exploited immigration to serve their interests in Uganda, Canada and in the rest of the world.

Yoweri Museveni sneaked his way to the highest office in Uganda by pretending to be a Munyankole. He hid his real Rwandan origins and changed his identity to a Muhima. His recent spin is to claim that he is a descendent of an ancient mystical Bachwezi lineage. However, trusted sources indicate that he is just the son of a Rwandan. In short, Uganda is ruled by an expatriate!

Himbara’s second sponsor is no different. Rujugiro specialized in tax evasion and money laundering with the help of his numerous citizenships. Numerous corrupt government officials used to trust him to hide their wealth under his name in Burundi, Congo and South Africa. His latest exploit is in Uganda where Museveni’s brother, Salim Saleh, registered a joint venture to launder his wealth. So far, he has been arrested in UK, Burundi, and he has had to pay fines in in South Africa for fraud and tax evasion. Development in technology is exposing his offshore hidden accounts, soon enough, Rujugiro will find himself re-arrested for fraud.

As for Himbara aka Muruganwa, with his weed smoking habit, he identified a much older Caribbean woman with Canadian citizenship and tricked her into marriage to secure a Canadian citizenship. It allows him to abuse the Canadian social security assistance by getting some upkeep handouts while secretly taking paychecks from his sponsors. In his case, however, Canadian authorities are on his tracks and investigations into his finances are ongoing for tax evasion and money laundering. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) want him to explain how he paid about US$ 500,000 to US based lobby groups while claiming assistance for social benefits.

By beating the xenophobic and racist tunes, they falsely think that it will create tension in the diverse and tolerant society in Rwanda. They are confused as Rwanda is not Museveni’s Bachwezi Kingdom hoax where sectarianism is glorified and weaponized. Rwanda is built on merit; no amount of propaganda can change that.

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