RNC propagandist David Himbara should not compare Museveni’s fake currency with any other currency

mouthpiece David Himbara has just revealed his true colors with a bizarre comparison of the Ugandan Shilling to the Rwandan Franc. Paid to smear Rwanda by Yoweri Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro, Himbara aka Murunganwa writes that the Rwandan Franc lost value to the Ugandan Shilling something technically impossible since the Ugandan shilling has no value.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, normal currencies were hit by a global recession in line with the economic laws of demand and supply. The world came to a standstill with lock downs and a severe contraction in economic activities. But as Museveni was busy trying to rig an election, his central bank printed money and doctored its value. Indeed, Bank of Uganda was caught red handed in a multi-billion saga printing an extra 290 billion in Ugandan Shillings. Himbara cannot compare any currency to his paymaster’s hygiene paper roll.

Ridiculously, the paid troll claims that the weaker Rwandan Franc is due to the Rwanda-Uganda border issue. He forgets that even the Bank of Uganda acknowledged that its economy was hit at least ten times harder than the Rwandan economy. In reality, Himbara’s smear is a desperate move to seek for a border reopening; the regime of his master is panicked as Uganda’s economy is going down the drain! And Museveni certainly can’t afford to print more money without risking hyperinflation.

Just like his paymaster defrauded the public by printing money, Himbara defrauds with pseudo-academic writings. However, one should not be surprised by the mouthpiece’s fraud. Back when he was completing his high school, he failed with straight Fs and changed his name from Murunganwa to Himbara. Since then, fraud has been Himbara’s modus operandi; Himbara and his sponsoring senile fraudsters (Museveni and Rujugiro) bond naturally.

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