Hallucinating Himbara erupts about Teta’s wedding

Hallucinating weed smoker David Himbara aka Murunganwa has erupted with another of his daily insults against the Rwandan leadership, targeting President Kagame for the few remarks the President made at the wedding of the daughter (Teta) of our liberation war’s first commander Fred Gisa Rwigema. Being in the pay of Museveni to manufacture constant smears against Rwanda, Himbara of course pounced on President Kagame’s words to grossly distort them. He perpetrates the lie that the late Fred’s son, Gisa Junior, fled Rwanda. How, and when did that happen?

Fred’s son has always been well-taken care of – from his childhood – in his motherland. Like his whole family.

Probably Gisa Jr. fled in Himbara’s marijuana-induced hallucinations! In real life things are the contrary of Murunganwa’s propaganda claims. Gisa Jr.’s home is in Rwanda. Jr.’s mother, grandmother, sister, all have their home in Rwanda. If Gisa Junior hasn’t yet decided to settle home, that’s a personal choice. He is still a young man. Young men (and women) of means explore the world.

However there is a strong possibility that Jr. can be misled by Himbara’s paymaster Museveni – with constant lies, to try to make the young man hate his home. That is a real possibility, because lying old men sometimes do indeed mislead the young. But, sooner or later everyone discovers what an unprincipled liar and cheat Museveni is. It wouldn’t take forever for Gisa Jr. to discover that characteristic of Museveni’s, or Museveni’s family members: including his equally unscrupulous brother Salim Saleh. Jr. will know that these are the very people trying to destabilize the security of the country Fred, and so many others sacrificed their lives for.

Whatever the case, Gisa Jr. knows he is welcome back home, any time he wishes.

You can bet Murunganwa will be singing a different tune, when – not if – the young man settles back home.

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