Himbara’s weekend program: fooling his sponsors with recycled smear

Regurgitating smear is what David Himbara aka Muruganwa does as a weekend activity. Paid to smear Rwanda by Museveni and Rujugiro, Himbara is under contract with a quota to meet of hostile social media posts against Rwanda. However, with two octogenarian sponsoring fools, the paid mouthpiece toys with them by simply recycling his old smear.

In 2019, he wrote about Rwanda’s gold export and in 2018 he attacked Rwanda’s nuclear program. This weekend, the terrorist propagandist republished his smear ending both with the same “stay tuned”. Clearly, he assumes his readers to be as senile as Museveni or as illiterate as Rujugiro.

Himbara fooled his sponsor that oiling his hostile propaganda machine would yield results. In 2010, they gave him almost US$ 500,000 to lobby in America but todate; they are still waiting in vain for results. Source say that Himbara bought himself a house in Canada with the money and frantically began posting on social media instead. The fraudster hoodwinks Museveni and Rujugiro that his posts will miraculously affect Rwanda.

In reality, Himbara knows how useless his smear campaign is, that’s why he recycles it. All he needs is to tell his sponsors, “I attacked Rwanda” for them to send a paychecque.

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