RNC propagandist Himbara attacks innocent individuals to hide his sponsors’ dark dealings

The RNC Mouthpiece, David Himbara, is pushing his smear against Rwanda with more unbelievable, senseless conspiracy theories. Paid to smear Rwanda by Museveni and Rujugiro, the mouthpiece creates imaginary links between Rwanda and the spy software Pegasus. 

Himbara aka Murunganwa offers a ridiculous conspiracy based on the Blair’s friendship with Rwanda. The troll picks Cherie Blair and claims that she is linked to the NSO (the owner of Pegasus) as an ethical advisor. His false reasoning is that if Cherie Blair is linked to NSO, then NSO is linked to Rwanda. Rwanda, on several occasions, denied the use of Pegasus but that has not stopped hostile propaganda to continuously smear Rwanda. However, the paid troll leaves out the part where Cherie Blair warned a potential target of the spyware as it would discredit his conspiracy.

On the payroll of an international crook and a dictator, Himbara would be wise to avoid smearing honest and ethical individuals. While his sponsors steal money and hide it in offshore accounts registered under different company names, he targets law abiding and taxpaying individuals simply for their friendship with Rwanda.

 A simple search reveals that Rujugiro’s tax-heaven address is used by various entities: 

– Suites 340-345, Barkly Wharf Le Caudan Waterfront, P.O. Box 1070, Republic of Mauritius

The above address is used by “Compagnie Financiere Du Lion D’ Argent”, Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa (TRA) Foundation and Panafrican Tobacco Group. 

Himbara’s useless conspiracies theories and smear will not cleanse his sponsors; it only achieves the opposite as more attention the financiers of his online hate campaign.

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