Himbara, the RNC mouthpiece, fails to grasp simple logic

David Himbara, the RNC mouthpiece, is still trying hard to sabotage the Rwandan economy with smear. Paid by Yoweri Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro, smearing Rwanda has been Himbara’s core mission for more than 10 years. On hearing news that Rwanda is still on track to become a middle income country, Himbara reacts viciously by saying Rwanda is amongst the poorest countries in the world. It is only a country with a low income that can progress to middle income status, something that Himbara hoped his smear campaign would sabotage for Rwanda.

Recently, Rwanda secured financing and credit facilities with relative ease proving that despite the pandemic, the country still had a strong record. This angered David Himbara who had dedicated his time to a long and sustained smear campaign sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro. He had hoped that Covid-19 would collapse the Rwandan economy only to find very resilient economy.

While scratching his head for an excuse of how Rwanda raised over $600 million in EuroBonds and quickly qualified for IMF intervention, his lame excuse was “Rwanda is amongst the poorest countries”. But some countries failed or struggled to secure financial support due to factors like corruption, rule of law or human rights records. Himbara could ask, for example, his sponsoring Ugandan regime to enlighten him!

As usual, he prefers to tries misleading his readers by misquoting sources to fabricate his narrative of imminent collapse. For more than 10 years, to push his propaganda, David Himbara self published books and wrote countless blogs to no avail; what makes him think it will work now?

Fact is Himbara the international financial markets, international organizations and investors gave him no credibility on Rwanda or other issues. With the Covid-19 pandemic, Rwanda’s strong record of transparent and sound management and its sustained economic growth, all played in its favor. Fact is, despite the pandemic, Rwanda is still one of the fastest growing economies worldwide.

Himbara and his sponsors grossly underestimated Rwanda’s record and over estimate the true worth of a disgruntled former official turned terrorist propagandist. The economic collapse mirage that Himbara spent more than ten years prophesying has not materialized. The growth rate was in double digits for during that period and even with the pandemic, Rwanda is still projected to have a 5% growth rate.

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