David Himbara, RNC Mouthpiece, is just not worth anything; even to his fellow terrorists!

After seeing a celebration that didn’t occur, David Murunganwa aka Himbara is now writing about a hack that didn’t happen! The Museveni and Rujugiro troll has either relapsed to drug or is suffering from severe withdrawals symptoms.

Despite a firm denial by an Israeli company on a hoax that a leaked list proved spying, Himbara and other anti-Rwanda propagandist continue on their imaginary hack track. But in Himbara’s case, even Amnesty International —pushing the same hoax— deemed him worthless. when he heard about the hack hoax, Himbara immediately took his phone to amnesty labs for analysis hoping to be one of the imaginary targets. Once again, no one told him that he was not worth spying on, they politely turned him away with a “there is no sufficient proof or evidence of spying” on his phone. Still, the RNC mouthpiece had to blog about being spied on to feed his addiction, he must smear for a living.

That something is wrong with Himbara is obvious and it is it rather expected from someone born from his mother sleeping with his step-brother. Yet his drug induced schizophrenia is ignored by those who want to harm Rwanda with smear who instead feed it by paying for his propaganda.

Himbara’s motives are public knowledge; he is paid by Yoweri Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro to smear Rwanda. The 71 year old is also very clumsy online and with nothing like a reputation to keep, he is openly used by his sponsors to ridicule himself in public. In one video, he fights his running nose inadvertently disclosing what drug he sniffs (Cocaine), his anti-Rwanda propagandist editors left out the embarrassing scene.

In another mishap, during a YouTube interview on the RNC terrorist channel, Himbara’s wife appears in a zoom call in her pajamas. His terrorist organization too did not bother editing out the embarrassing moment captured in Himbara’s private home. For some reason however, the online troll takes offense when the President of Rwanda said in 2019 that terrorists like him are not worth wasting resources to spy on with advance softwares.

Clearly, other anti-Rwanda propagandists (Amnesty) and terrorists (RNC) don’t think Himbara is worth anything, only Museveni and Rujugiro find value in his schizophrenia!

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