Himbara should be given a refresher course and told what topics to avoid while taking Museveni and Rujugiro paycheques

Museveni and Rujugiro should help their online mouthpiece, David Himbara, with a refresher course. Himbara, whose task is to tarnish Rwanda with smear, picks accountability in his latest attempt to smear Rwanda. Consistently, Rwanda ranks amongst the least corrupt countries in the world owing to its accountability.

When Himbara, sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro, talks about accountability; he ought to know how amusing informed readers find it. When the same troll attacks Rwanda on accountability, then he reaches ridicule levels. In his latest smear, he claims that Rwandan SOE (State Owned Enterprise) will now be audited due to IMF pressure. How would Rwanda be ranked amongst the least corrupt countries if its SEO were not audited? Only a sponsored mouthpiece would write such a claim.

Rwanda’s transparency and accountability have always threatened Himbara’s sponsors. Rujugiro failed his cartel state capture in Rwanda and moved to corruption friendly Uganda, and now together, they try to fight Rwanda. Any SOE in Uganda, or parastatal, is marred with a corruption scandal; even their airline ran out of fuel as a result of corrupt dealings. During the Covid-19, Museveni’s only daughter-in-law embezzled funds to procure oxygen and oxygen production materials leaving Ugandans to horribly die of breathlessness.

Rwanda, during the pandemic, improved its anti corruption ranking from 51st to 49th (firmly in the top tier) whereas Uganda dropped from a dismal 137th to go further down the list to 142nd. It is the only country in the world where the First Lady also happens to be a cabinet member as Minister of Education and Sports. In EAC, it is only in Uganda where one finds the President’s son, Muhoozi Kainerugaba, appointed as Commander of Land Forces without any combat experience and the President’s brother, Gen Salim Saleh, is in charge of the state sovereign funds. Museveni even jokes about the corruption level in his regime, amused that the Police scored a 70% on corruption perception index and that even his brother scored high on corruption.

David Himbara smear on accountability in Rwanda will mislead anyone to forget that Uganda is crippled by corruption. It only illustrates that Museveni and Rujugiro’s mouthpiece has run out of themes in his smear campaign. Fact is; Rwanda is one of the most transparent, efficient and corruption-free government. Uganda is the opposite, it is corrupt and run by a nepotistic cartel with opaque deals with terrorists and fraudsters.

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