RNC propagandist David Himbara now seeing imaginary Liberation Celebrations

The RNC Mouthpiece on social media, David Himbara, just proved how disconnected he truly is. His recent post, claiming to be comparing the 27th celebration of Liberation day and the 1959 revolution falls apart by the mere fact that there was no celebrations! The Ugandan regime sponsored propagandist also bankrolled by the RNC chief terrorist financier Tribert Rujugiro ridicules himself!

With the COVID-19 pandemic, stringent measures are currently enforced in Rwanda. Unlike what his sponsor Museveni did —allowing NRM celebrations of a stolen election— the government in Rwanda leads by example and canceled all public celebrations and ceremonies. Which celebration did he watch and how high was he? Who talks about celebrations that didn’t happen to confuse people that he is an expert on Rwanda?

Himbara is so disconnected that he doesn’t know what is happening in Rwanda! But moreover, even his comparison is completely false.

Liberation day marked the end of the 1994 genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda and the removal of the genocidal regime. It can only be compared with the fall of the NAZI regime in Europe! As his RNC tried to forge an alliance with the genocidaire, Himbara was dispatched to defend a former official of the genocidaire regime that took over in 1959. Theodore Rukeratabaro, who Himbara defended, was convicted of Genocide in Sweden and lost his appeal in March 2019.

No one else is confused about how took over Rwanda in 1959 in the so-called revolution that ushered in tribalism and genocide ideology and the entire world knows who stopped them in July 1994 with the Liberation.

Museveni and Rujugiro ought to get a sober propagandist.

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