RNC mouthpiece Himbara cries because victims of Rusesabagina’s terror group are about to get justice

With his trademark distortions and lies about Rwanda, RNC terrorist mouthpiece David Himbara is whining for the release of Paul Rusesabagina, founder of the MRCD-FLN terror group that’s killed innocent Rwandans between 2018 and 2019.

In the latest sign of his increasingly desperate dissemination of misinformation supposedly for the cause of releasing Rusesabagina, Himbara calls for “human rights activists” in the US “to raise more robustly the issue of Rusesabagina to the attention of President Biden by any means possible.” This laughable man’s delusions are a result of his corruption, for which he serves foreign interests against Rwanda. This isn’t new at all with Himbara who even works with genocidaire groups (that are in bed with RNC).

On the other hand, Himbara should worry more deeply about the fate that awaits Ugandan ruler Museveni, one of his sponsors, and the fact that real human rights activists have several real cases how his forces have been massacring Ugandans. On Museveni’s orders they’ve killed many people; they’ve tortured many; and they are answerable for the disappearances of countless Ugandans.

Himbara chooses to smear Rwanda with daily falsehoods, but the world is aware of the (very demonstrably provable) crimes of his paymaster.

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