Anti-Rwanda subversive groups acknowledge having abetted jailed Karasira!

Overseas-based members of subversive groups comprised of RNC terror outfits and a section of hostile outfits have come out to admit that they have been aiding and abetting YouTuber Aimable Uzaramba Karasira. He was recently arrested for committing crimes such as Genocide denial, justification, or legitimization of the Genocide, instigating divisions, and illicit enrichment.

Karasira was arrested after appearing in a series of Youtube interviews on his channel, interviewed by Agnes Nkusi Uwimana, during which he made criminal remarks on the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Among other things, Karasira shamelessly said there was no planning of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and that before RPF-Inkotanyi attacked on October 1, 1990, Rwandans had peacefully co-existed, disregarding the fact that many Tutsis were persecuted and driven out of the country into exile.
As part of the criminal investigation, Karasira’s house was searched and investigators found $10,981, some 520 Euro, Rwf3,142,000 in his house and Rwf 11,000,000 in Mobile Money, but there were many other accounts in various banks with exorbitant amounts of money that were not disclosed for investigative purposes, according to available details!

The money was from subversive groups, the senders –known terrorists such as Tabitha Gwiza, Jean-Paul Ntagara, Dada Gasirabo among others – came out to admit responsibility for the funds while portraying Karasira as their “messenger”. Those that boasted of bankrolling Karasira’s activities include members of the RNC terror group from Canada, the U.S, and South Africa among other countries.

Karasira once lamented that to be “fooled by enemies of Rwanda,” revealing that, “there were some elements that used to fool me; they would tell me what to say about Rwanda and I fell in that trap!” It is high time that Rwandans avoid falling prey to the likes of these so-called “overseas opposition outfits” as they only look to take Rwanda back to 1990s divisionism ideology. Law enforcers are set to tackle all those trying to undermine the gains that Rwanda made over the last 27 years.

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