RNC Mouthpiece David Himbara silly interpretation of International Relations practices

The RNC terror propagandist David Himbara has every international relations expert on the floor, laughing at what can only be described as toilet paper analysis.

According to the sponsored online propaganda mouthpiece, the recent visit by Rwanda’s Foreign Affairs Minister to Tanzania is to lobby for permission for its military to operate in Mozambique. Himbara believe that Mozambique has asked Rwanda for help but that SADC would oppose the Rwandan deployment.

The combination of lies, that Mozambique needs SADC’s permission and that Rwanda is actively lobbying for it is what has expert laughing. If Rwanda and Mozambique opt for military cooperation, it is a bilateral agreement between two sovereign countries. “This is something that even a high school student would understand”, an international relations scholar laughed, “the irony is that Himbara failed his high school”.

His octogenarian sponsors, Tribert Rujugiro and Yoweri Museveni, do not obviously care about the lack of logic and basic common sense in their propagandist’s smear. For his sponsors, the entire analysis that Rwanda and Mozambique’s relations has to be approved by SADC is a desperate attempt to salvage their terrorist investments. Kayumba Nyamwasa, one of the founders of the RNC terrorist militia, invested in the transport sector in Mozambique.

RNC cannot believe that another African country is about to be a no-go zone, eventually, only Kampala will welcome their terrorist enterprise!

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