When you see CMI goons like Katureebe going bananas with tales of sorcery, automatically be sure that’s what despot Museveni is doing

The best identification for an idle and disorderly and possibly troubled mental propagandist is one who starts yapping about exorcism – and this is none other than chief anti-Rwanda propagandist troll Obed Katureebe, Facebook alias “Rpf Gakwerere”.

This devilish goon has been displaying a heightened inclination to imaginary tales of witchcraft and such dark practices of black magic supposedly in Rwanda. On the other hand speculation is rife that the chief sorcerer, i.e. senile Museveni is sinking further into the hands of Maama Fina. The blood of innocent people killed by the blood-thirsty dictator is badly haunting him.

Reading the recent hallucinations of Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere about witchcraft – ludicrous fictions for the purpose of smearing Rwanda – one wonders whether these people haven’t gone completely mad! Are they so dumb they forget that the leader of the Matooke Republic, Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa himself publicly announced that he openly practiced sorcery?

The son of a pygmy Gerishom Kayibanda (please don’t make the mistake of believing Museveni’s father was Amos Kaguta!) Tibuhaburwa Rutabaisirwa was sired in the most destitute condition, with a mentally disturbed mother. The latter was an outcast from society and one of the ways she survived other than prostitution was to dabble into sorcery. Yes, Yoweri Museveni Tibuhaburwa learnt his witchcraft beliefs from his poor wondering mother, who brought him as a toddler to the house of Amos Kaguta. There and then she became a second wife to Kaguta but as expected she could not be tamed. Out of “the oldest profession” Esteeri Kokundeka got pregnant from a passing-by Somali-truck driver, and that was how she got pregnant with Museveni’s half-brother Caleb Akandwanaho alias Salim Saleh. The two brothers, one a Munyarwanda original, another half Somali grew up separately.

Still, Kokundeka sold her services both as a practitioner of “the oldest profession”, and as a sorcerer casting spells on unsuspecting innocent people. This no doubt is where senile Museveni inherited his blood-thirsty character from.

One day the dictator of the Matooke Republic revealed that a witchdoctor had aided him in spiritual warfare back in his guerrilla days. “They slaughtered a chicken, and as the head of the Resistance, I had to jump over it three times,” said despot Museveni.

But Museveni as usual was not telling the full truth. The sacrifices were not chicken, but rather innocent young boys whom he lied to, to recruit them into his rebellion. A number were later killed and their blood presented as offertory to senior witches whom the devilish Museveni consulted twice a week.

Even after the Bush-war, Museveni maintained high level of enchantment and sorcery and that is how a certain Maama Fina, real names Sophia Namutebi, came into picture. This exorcist witch whom the terrorist of the Matooke Republic has also been bedding (many say she had more sexual encounters with him than has Janet Kataha Mwesigwa Makumbi) is one of his main “advisers.” She has pushed senile Museveni to kill many innocent Ugandans as a sacrifice to cling on power.

We have said it many times before: when you see Museveni’s propaganda goons smearing the Rwandan leadership, just know it is pure projection. What they are falsely accusing the Rwandan leadership of is the exact thing their thug Mafia boss and his cabal do.

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