Himbara on Cocaine – a path to self destruction

From the moment he joined RNC terrorist militia founders — Kayumba Nyamwasa, Patrick Karegeya, Tribert Rujugiro— in South Africa in 2010, David Himbara embarked on a journey of self-destruction. After a brief stay in South Africa and Kenya, Himbara relocated to Canada as a funded “scholar.” But he intended to covertly act as the RNC terrorist organization’s propagandist in North America.

Canadian by marriage, Himbara was already known for heavy alcohol and weed consumption. Then he escalated, to hard drugs like cocaine, as he rekindled with his old crew in Canada.

Himbara had fraudulently secured a part-time university teaching position via a program known as “scholars in danger” in Scarborough, Toronto, at Centennial College in Canada. To achieve this he had fabricated a series of “death threats” on his life. Among other methods he used failed asylum seekers willing to pose as “spies or assassins.” In Scarborough, it didn’t take long for Himbara to reconnect with long term acquaintances, mainly from the Caribbean where his spouse originates from. They graduated him from weed smoking to Cocaine sniffing.

The expensive habit took its toll on Himbara’s private life and also on his “academic” work. Fellow academics waited in vain for a peer reviewed publication from Himbara but they realized he only cared about online self-published propaganda. His primary source of funds, his terrorist propaganda work —bankrolled by Tribert Rujugiro— represented a considerable income. But it was reduced when it attracted the attention of the Canadien Revenue Agency (CRA). The more drugs he took, the less work he managed and the deeper he sunk in online fantasies.

Eventually Himbara who was always high became too erratic for his wife. She threw him out of the house, sparking a vagabond lifestyle for the 71 years old Facebook propagandist. Unable to publish anything of academic relevance in 10 years his “scholar in danger” funding also dried up. Booted out from the family home, Himbara began seeking shelter from his fellow drug addicts who routinely throw him out for overstaying his welcome. Unlike his fellow addicts, Himbara was not a functional addict able to keep a steady income.

Last year, a family friend offered to help Himbara by sheltering him in Winnipeg —over 2000 km away from his drugs— to detox and get back on track. The offer was extended to Himbara after an embarrassing interview in Vancouver. With a significant weight loss, Himbara’s leaky nose, uncontrollable giggling and erratic answers had exposed his drug problem. He left his part-time teaching job and stayed offline in an effort to clean up. For two month or so, Himbara fooled his host that he had stayed off drugs. But 2000 km were not enough. He had found new dealers to supply him with cocaine in Winnipeg! Unceremoniously, Himbara was booted back to Toronto to his old clique of unemployed addicts, and his squatter lifestyle.

“He now looks frail. At this rate Cocaine will probably kill him,” our source said, adding, “he is in self-destruction mode, keeping the worst type of ‘friends’, drugs dealers and addicts.”

The man’s cocaine addiction has now taken over and destroyed his family bonds (both his immediate and extended family), and ruined his health and finances. “Himbara can no longer afford rent. Imagine a 71 years old vagabond constantly seeking someone to shelter him. He lies that it is a security measure, but we all know it is his drug addiction!” commented our source.

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