Some of Museveni’s foolish banyampi haven’t been told Gashumba works with their senile boss!

For one to know how the pressure is mounting on Museveni’s Banyampi camp and how insecurity and paranoia is eating them to the bone marrow, follow their stories on a group of Banyarwanda who have decided to call themselves the Abavandimwe.

Museveni’s propagandist goons, most especially Obed Katureebe alias “Rpf Gakwerere”, and the deadbeat, reckless Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi have been ranting incessantly about these so-called Abavandimwe.

Senile Museveni’s propaganda trolls have for some strange reason fixated on the smear that the leaders of the Abavandimwe group “are working for Rwanda.” These professional liars, Wakabirigi and Obed Katureebe have come up with these ridiculous fictions that “Frank Gashumba (head of Abavandimwe) is working with ‘DMI’ of Rwanda.

Senile Museveni’s trolls will just throw any mud at Rwanda. Anyone they hate, or that doesn’t work with them, they automatically throw up their fictions: “so and so is Kagame’s agent!”, “so and so is a spy!” They spin their fictions to ludicrous levels.

If they really want to know who Gashumba works for, why don’t they ask their overall master, senile Museveni himself? If the Matooke Republic ruler decided to work with Gasumba without informing his foolish trolls, how hopeless they are!

On the other hand the propaganda buffoons have been in palpitations and are feigning everything that can keep them looking relevant in the eyes of bloody criminal Kandiho, the ruthless, skinny thug.

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