In a museum of the walking dead, despot Museveni would make the best of artifacts


If senior munyampi Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere doesn’t know what a senile, bloody criminal and despicable leader looks like, he should just gaze at any current picture of his sponsor Museveni a.k.a the inept leader of the matooke republic . 

Just so this goon Obed Katureebe knows, the cancer-stricken bloody dictator’s days on this earth are numbered. Cancer will claim its goods soon. 

So far senile Museveni has been diagnosed with three types of cancer (Carcinoma that attacked his left palm, Leukemia that runs through his blood and Laryngeal cancer which has attacked his throat). And for those alone, huge sums of taxpayer money of the long-suffering citizens of the matooke republic have been annually spent to keep him alive. Still, Tibuhaburwa is a dead man working.

Many of you must have seen rounds of photos showing a severely disintegrating looking hand of the deceitful leader of the banana republic. Well, my sources at State House tell me that, not a long time ago, the family decided that his hand be amputated. Senile Museveni openly ignored the advice, but it won’t take him before he starts to regret his infantile decision. Better to lose a hand than to lose a life.

Leukimia alone has condemned the tyrant of the matooke republic to always wear pampers. He always has serious issues with his estranged wife Kataha Mwesigwa Makumbi with fierce fights about who should procure and help him wear pampers. Poor SFC aides are now doing the job of helping an octogenarian into his pampers, like a baby.

Dear, Ugandans God has a way he pays back to bloody mass murderers. Just hang on a little bit longer. Your prayers will be answered not long from now!

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