CMI troll Nuwamanya rants about Rusesabagina, as a means of self consolation

Kampala-based RNC agent Sulah Nuwamanya has been vocal defending terror suspect Paul Rusesabagina, but never has he talked about Nyabimata attack victims. The reason is because that would be self-incrimination.

He knows that everything Rusesabagina is being charged with will implicate even him (Nuwamanya). This is because RNC has perpetrated terror attacks in Rwanda and innocent civilians died. Nuwamanya also knows there is damning evidence of him threatening Rwanda’s security.

But even as Nuwamanya Sulah Wakabirigi is so devoted to attacking Rwanda, his wife and children whom he abandoned five years ago get assistance from Rwanda! The Rwandan government assists them from food, medication, education, and shelter. What’s more, when Nuwamanya shamelessly abandoned his wife he went straight into the arms of Prossy Bonabaana, a fellow RNC agent.

Nuwamanya is completely shameless.

In any case, whatever he does, he will be held accountable for his actions.

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