Himbara, Chief Merchant of Fake News, creating incoherent links to smear Rwanda

David Himbara, the Rwandan National Congress propagandist, is finding it impossible to draw Rwanda into the murder of a fellow RNC man Seif Bamporiki last Sunday in South Africa.

The problem for the propagandist is that the South African Police has already indicated Bamporiki died in an armed robbery. Undeterred however, Himbara decided to throw mud with a piece of fiction that Rwanda has a “well established scheme” of “luring to entrapment or death.” He attempts to link Seif Bamporiki’s death with Rusesabagina’s arrest.

Himbara must have written the blog under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The pseudo-intellectual forgot that every country has a fugitive tracking unit, and those who choose terrorism inevitably face arrest, and answer charges in court. Rusesabagina – Himbara’s case study – is evidence that eventually, justice will be served.

The RNC propagandist on the other hand flies around the world giving false testimonies and writes anything to get criminals, including Genocidaires, off the hook. For example, in May 2019, Himbara travelled to Stockholm in an attempt to overturn the conviction of Genocide convict Theodore Rukeratabaro. In crocodile tears, Himbara told the Svea Appeal court, “The court should dismiss the testimonies of Genocide Survivors.”

Why? Because, the shameless man alleged, they are Kagame’s supporters!”

If Himbara is willing to lie to a court to have Genocidaires released, what is it that he is not willing to do to smear Rwanda?

In terms of credibility, Himbara has none as a hired mouthpiece.

At times, he presents himself as the contact person for the Pan African Tobacco Group owned by the terror financier Tribert Ayabatwa Rujugiro, or simply as Senior Advisor to Rujugiro.

For money, whether Rujugiro’s, RNC, CMI, or Genocidaires cash, Himbara will pretend to be a law expert, an economist, a military analyst, etc, lying and distorting.

The man is completely shameless.

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