Heartless RNC troll Nuwamanya uses death of member of RNC terrorist group to smear Rwanda

On his Facebook page, the heartless Kampala agent of RNC Sulah Nuwamanya has published a smear claiming “Rwanda is responsible” the death of one Seif Bamporiki in South Africa. Bamporiki, who was killed in a robbery in Cape Town was a member of the terrorist RNC, like Nuwamanya.

Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi’s lies however have been debunked by the South African police. In their preliminary investigation they indicate that Bamporiki died in an armed robbery have been the cause.

The SA police spokesman said that the circumstances surrounding the murder are being investigated by Gugulethu Police in Cape Town. This followed an incident Sunday afternoon, at around 16:20 in the Europa squatter camp where an adult male, Bamporiki, was shot and killed. It is alleged that the deceased and another male, aged 50, were doing a delivery of a bed in the area when they were approached by two unknown suspects.

It was then that the deceased (Bamporiki) was pulled from his vehicle and shot, while the man who accompanied him managed to escape unharmed. Police added that the suspects, who are yet to be arrested, fled with the deceased’s vehicle. News organizations like the BBC also reported that the RNC man had been killed by robbers.

Sulah Nuwamanya (who also is an agent of Ugandan Military Intelligence, CMI) however is peddling his usual brand of propaganda: unmitigated lies about Rwanda. He constructs a whole yarn, supposedly about events that led to Bamporiki’s death and, omitting anything South African Police said about the robbery, points a finger at Rwanda.

Three years ago they tried the blame game when Camille Nkurunziza, another RNC terrorist was shot dead Cape Town. Back then, the SA police debunked their attempt to spin Nkuruziza’s death for propaganda and clarified that he died in a botched car jacking, shot by police officers.

But Sulah Nuwamanya, a deadbeat dad who abandoned his wife and four children in Rwanda, never misses an opportunity to slander Rwanda – the same country helping the family he left.

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