Rwabwogo steals the show as UPDF generals ditch the ‘Muhoozi Project’

As the situation becomes increasingly untenable in the Matooke republic, the CMI pay per post Facebook troll Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere is distracting the Bzukulu’s attention with his impotent propaganda bordering on fake ‘Rwanda intel’ which he also feeds Museveni to cool his stress levels.

The cancer-stricken dictator, who has become so incapacitated that he can no longer convene the National Security Council meeting, still has hopes to push his anti-Rwanda agenda by driving a wedge between President Kagame and his army. In spite of countless attempts and failures to destabilize Kigali, Museveni should know that he will die leaving Rwanda organized and united more than ever before.

Before the CMI loony troll Katureebe diverts his energy in the wrong direction, the Bazukulu should be tipped off on the ongoing power battles within the Rwakitura dynasty. The epileptic First Lady Janet Kataha Mwesigwa Makumbi’s hatched scheme to kill his cancer-stricken husband is on its final stage. Everything is in place to install Odrek Rwabwono- Patience Museveni’s husband as the next president of Uganda.

This follows an advice by a political guru who warned the epileptic Kahata Mwesigwa that if she allows Museveni to contest, he would lose to NUP’s Bobi Wine, and killing him would inquire higher costs than killing the already dying Munyarwanda dictator Museveni.

The latest intel has it that heads of security agencies including Museveni’s favorite skinny assassin Maj Gen Abel Kandiho, Maj Gen Sabiiti Muzeyi- Uganda Police, and Maj Gen James Birungi- SFC commander have switched allegiances to the epileptic Janet and Rwabwogo’s camp.

Museveni’s Genetically Modified LDU General Drunko Casanova son Muhoozi Kaineugaba’s life is threatened after the top military leadership ditched Museveni’s ‘Muhoozi Project’ for Rwabwogo.

We will keep u posted as the saga unfolds in the Rwakitura dynasty.

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