CMI misinformation tools Command1Post and Katureebe, the self-proclaimed Burundi representatives

CMI sponsored tabloid Command1Post operated by Bob Atwine is interfering into Rwanda-Burundi matters even when Uganda is faced with insecurity, civil unrest, succession politics battles.

As it has been despot Museveni’s culture, he always wants to dictate what happens in other countries. He disregards the facts that these sovereign states with elected leadership capable to chart own destiny and resolve their differences without his intervention.

Command1Post and Katureebe who pose as Burundian government mouthpieces sent misleading impressions that Burundi ordered Rwanda to repatriate RED-Tabara rebels without any further discussions. But they tend to forget that none not even their paymaster Museveni has the right to dictate or influence Rwanda’s decisions.

On 29 September 2020, in Nyungwe Forest, the Rwanda Defense Force-RDF apprehended 19 anti-Burundi regime combatants affiliated with RED-Tabara . As a law abiding country, Rwanda has to follow established mechanism to handle that situation. RDF immediately called the Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism (EJVM) to investigate the incident, and the process is underway to have rebels repatriated to their home country.

It’s not a coincidence that CMI funded Facebook mouthpiece Obed Kakureebe- Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere fails to understand how Rwanda had to go through legal channels to repatriate Red-Tabara Rebels. The reason is simple, even Museveni himself would not apply such logic to solve his diplomatic debacle.

Meanwhile, CMI propaganda tools will not tell their small audience that the Burundian government harbors and supports anti-Rwanda terrorist groups with specific mission to destabilize Rwanda. Facts are in the public domain, as revealed by the recent captives of FLN, RNC-P5 Group, they have been living in Burundi where they are trained and given ammunitions to attack Rwanda.

Burundi connives with despot Museveni to achieve their ill conceived agenda on Rwanda. The dull-witted troll Katureebe should be taking Burundi to task on why it has remained hesitant to repatriate the Museveni backed militias currently operating on her solid

That being said, the brainless CMI loudspeaker Katureebe should know that Rwanda will never contradict provisions of her constitution or regional peace packs.

Rather dictator Museveni has gained notoriety for failing to walk his talk when it comes to enforcing the agreements he signs. The Luanda MoU is the latest case scenarios.

CMI’s Command1Post and Katureebe should shift their focus on their soon falling Rwakitura Anarchy of bedridden despot Museveni where a whole country is run like a small village without elders.

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