It is not yet ‘Uhuru’ indeed for Sulah Nuwamanya and the Co.

Only fools dance before the music. That is typical of Sulah Nuwamanya and his criminal gang of RNC and sympathizers of hostile forces against Rwanda, CMI will dupe you until you regret! In his previous Facebook post he stated that General Frank Mugambage has completed his tenure as Rwanda’s ambassador to Uganda. Little does this irresponsible father, of two children he abandoned in Kigali at the mercy of Rwanda government, prove to know about foreign diplomacy and cooperation. Diplomats typically serve four years in a station then they are Reposted.

For purpose of clarity, one would ask Sulah Nuwamanya when he will end his tour of duty in CMI and RNC which have failed miserably in their destabilize Rwanda Project? Ambassador Mugambage ended his tour of duty elegantly after serving the interests of his motherland and was accorded a diplomatic send off as you (Sulah) were hiding in CMI safe house at Matungo while fighting depression because of police summons for your criminal activities. You have no say or influence on how Rwanda conducts its external affairs.

Equally important is that Ambassador Mugambage has left a legacy of protecting a big number of innocent Rwandans from the jaws of RNC terrorists and their CMI sponsors. His departure will not stop Sulah Nuwamanya and the co. from being listed as RNC terrorists’ cadre or from being pursued by the Ugandan judiciary. It’s not yet Uhuru for you Nuwamanya and all your accomplices! Watch that space.

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