CMI troll Seruga cries wolf as Museveni’s ally Rusesagabina faces terrorism charges

Dear Bazukulu of the Arm-rotting Dictator Museveni,

The Belgium based CMI Facebook mercenary Titus Seruga aka Serubwa and his arm-rotting Paymaster Museveni have failed to swallow the fact the walls are closing in on anti-Rwanda plotters. Conspiring against Rwanda has remained a risky venture to Museveni and his allies. After failure to destabilize Rwanda, the tyrant is only left with throwing tantrums on Rwanda through his attack dogs on social media.

The dull-witted CMI lapdog Seruga sheds crocodile tears that the Belgian government is not doing anything to order the unconditional release of its citizen, but Belgium is a law-abiding country that would not tolerate being a sanctuary of criminals like Despot Museveni’s Uganda where terrorists roam around freely with state’s protection.

The arm-rotting dictator and his minions should be reminded that being a Belgian citizen doesn’t give Rusesabagina immunity to perpetrate terrorism crimes on a sovereign state like Rwanda. The CMI troll’s sympathy for Rusesagina is meant to conceal Museveni’s unholy alliance with the terrorist in destabilizing Rwanda. The cancer-stricken ruler of the Matooke republic provided arms and trained Rusesabagina’s FLN militias in South Kivu, DR Congo to attack Rwanda. Now that their mission is botched, the dictator is unleashing his attack dogs to whitewash his troubled ally.

The CMI troll turns himself into a laughing stock when he mentioned that Rwanda killed Rutabana, an American NGO – Relief and Human Rights Initiative (IRHRI), exposed Uganda’s agenda to eliminate Rutabana, after kidnapping him on arrival at Entebbe airport. CMI and RNC’s Chief Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa connived to abduct Rutabana and held him incommunicado to a secret CMI dungeon. Seruga forgot that his mater Museveni admitted having Rutabana in Uganda and assured Greg Smith of IRHRI of Rutabana’s safety.

Nyamwasa plotted to kill Rutabana after their irreconcilable differences over the mismanagement of their terrorist outfit’s funds, the annihilation of their militias in Minembwe by FARDC, corruption, nepotism among others.

Rusesabagina brought himself to the country; Seruga doesn’t have to invoke anyone’s emotions on the alleged kidnap. On Rusesabagina’s involvement in destabilizing Rwanda, is a matter before a competent court of law that should be discussed in the court of public opinion.

Seruga finds a reason to air his frustrations with the Belgian government after it quashed his asylum application which failed the basic accuracy tests. The CMI was later dumped by his 70-year old Muzungu boyfriend only to be picked up on Brussels streets by CMI which employed the nincompoop to slander the Rwandan leadership.

Seruga should relax and wait for his turn.

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