Ass licker Obed Katurebe self-incriminates with claims he has photos of Nkurunziza’s body

Obed Katureebe aka RPF Gakwerere, chief ass licker, of Senile Museveni now claims “he has photos of dead Nkurunziza”. These, he claims, have been sent him ‘by disrespectful people around Nkurunziza.’ Yet the same Museveni ass licker has been claiming that Rwanda was responsible for Nkurunziza’s death. Katureebe is on a direct CMI payroll and is handled by its top officers, Abel Kandiho and CK Asiimwe, is his fruitless anti-Rwanda campaign.

The question is, if the president of Burundi chose to surround himself with disrespectful people in the first place, why does Obed Katurebe look elsewhere for responsibility for Nkurunziza’s death? The fact that he is a recipient of photos of the body of Nkurunziza itself should be incriminating for the ass licking CMI tool and his masters.

Instead, the ass licker who also is CMI chief Abel Kandiho’s tool, is in overdrive, using Nkurunziza’s death to peddle CMI scripted anti-Rwanda propaganda.

This clown Katureebe has effectively turned himself into a laughingstock for his rantings on Facebook that make people think he is an escaped Butabika inmate.

But then what could one expect from someone that’s a failure at everything in life, except ass licking a senile old goon that has been kneeling on Uganda’s neck for the past 35 years?


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