Rwandans have a constitutional right to serve and retire from the State’s armed forces

Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook, is a piece of a junky troll who sits at Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) earning Ugandan taxpayers’ money to malign the Rwandan leadership under direct instructions from Museveni.

The propagandist of the matooke republic deliberately misleads his audience that Rwandans join the army through forceful coercion and remain in the organization by force. Katureebe should step in Rwanda to see how RDF properly recruits. Public announcements are made through all media channels inviting young educated Rwandans willing (not by force) to serve their country in the armed forces.

The clown should know that unlike the Matooke Republic’s armed force (UPDF), where old fellows recruited in the Seventies still languish in the army, Rwanda doesn’t do things like that. Rwanda’s military, RDF is a professional force that has no “lifetime” soldiers.

There are very many fine, former officers of RDF that voluntarily left the army, or retired upon reaching retirement age. Lapdog Obed fails, again.

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