Senile Museveni’s regime is the most murderous in Uganda’s history

Senile Museveni’s favorite lapdog, Obed Katureebe, alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere likes to falsely attribute deaths to Rwandan leaders!

The mission of course is to demonize President Kagame – so even when people die from accidents, or natural causes, it is the Kampala propagandist’s job to claim “it is Kagame!” All the time.

The propagandist is now dredging up old lies about Assinapol Rwigara who died in a motor vehicle accident. Senile Museveni’s lapdog however forgets that people look at him, and know what he is doing: projecting upon Rwanda the crimes his very boss has committed.

If the propagandist wants to talk about assassinations, he has a multitude of such cases right in his backyard. If one were to chronicle the people senile Museveni has killed, extra-judicially, it would fill a ream of papers! One can begin with unsolved deaths that have haunted Uganda. The first was the assassination in 1987 of Andrew Kayiira, a prominent Ugandan politician that the country’s president considered “an unwanted rival.” Even when British Police conducted an investigation, Museveni sat on the report, up to today.

So many people have been killed since then, but the lapdog Katureebe takes time to smear the Rwandan leadership – because he is projecting.

Former Internal Security minister, as well as UPDF chief of staff Aronda Nyakairima died in 2015 after ingesting poison because he was totally against the shady “Muhoozi project”.

Before then former UPDF commander Maj. Gen. James Kazini was assassinated in 2009. The same happened to former intelligence chief Noble Mayombo, killed with poison.

The list also includes former Uganda Police spokesman AIGP Andrew Kaweesiand, and Muhammad Kirumira the late DPC, Buyende District. Senile Museveni’s murderous nature is such that senior Uganda government and army officials no longer eat at state organized events. According to Gen. David Sejusa, senior Ugandans carry their own snacks, chapattis and juice or water, in their coats or bags!

Influential Ugandans have for years been saying senile Museveni’s regime is the most murderous in the country’s history. The record proves this. Countless Ugandans have died in violent or mysterious ways.

Until today Ugandans are being made to “disappear”: like People Power mobilizer John Bosco Kibalama who has been missing since last year. State agents abducted him, and his family or friends haven’t seen or heard from Kibalama since then.

Obed Katurebe thinks projecting his master’s crimes on others will hoodwink people. He and his senile master are very mistaken.

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