As Ugandans receive beatings instead of food, CMI troll Katureebe mocks Rwandans being persecuted by Ugandan security agencies

Uganda state house troll, Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere is celebrating Uganda government’s renewed brutality against innocent Rwandan nationals, this time using Coronavirus control measures as the excuse.

While Uganda security personnel, at the behest of ‘orders from above’ (read Museveni) have been moving from door to door in search of Rwandan nationals living and working in Uganda, whom they arrest, beat up and rob before dumping and leaving them to succumb to their injuries.

Incidents of targeted violence against innocent Rwandans are prevalent in areas of Kisoro and Kabale, where since time immemorial; Rwandan and Ugandan communities have been working and residing on either side of the border. While Ugandan nationals living on the Rwandan are side well treated and have no issues to complain about, Rwandans in Uganda are living in fear, ducking and hiding at the sight of police, army or LDU personnel.

But the CMI propagandist, Obed Katureebe makes it look like it is the fault of Rwandans that they have been caught on the wrong side of the border. While those being abducted and beaten lifeless are Rwandans who have been living in Uganda and now caught up in uncoordinated directives in the face of Coronavirus spread, the state house propagandist claims these are Rwandans ‘fleeing’ from Rwanda.

Rwandans have no reason whatsoever to flee from Rwanda, and certainly not to Uganda, especially knowing that Ugandans themselves are facing the hardest of times at the hands Ugandan regime’s security forces on one hand and the risk of contracting the killer Coronavirus on the other.

Rwandans appreciate the clear and reassuring directives issued by their government that aim to protect them from contracting Coronavirus which has ravaged nations. In addition, Rwanda is recorded as the first nation in Africa to provide food relief to vulnerable Rwandans using decentralised local government organs. Such a humanitarian initiative is a pipe dream for Ugandans, who have been receiving beatings instead.

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