Rwanda’s approach of empowering women another nightmare for RNC fugitive David Himbara

David Himbara, the RNC weed-smoking propagandist, has a secret and it makes him hate women beyond reasonable belief. Born a taboo when his father sired him his grandfather’s wife, and he blames women for all the bad karma he has had in his life. In his adult life, Himbara became a serial divorcee and eventually opted for a different lifestyle –one without women– as they all reminded him of his mother.

In all his sponsored hate speech against Rwanda, his misogyny is evident as he frivolously attacks the first lady of Rwanda and two women senior government officials. All these three women face attacks for the simple fact that Himbara cannot digest the concept of Women in leadership positions. As a typical misogynist, he attacks women appointed to positions of responsibility by looking for awkward reasons when the reality is simple, they are more competent than he is. His discomfort with the nomination to the post of Director of Cabinet in the President’s office increases ten folds when he remembers that for a second time another woman has been elevated to a higher position he will never attain.

He blamed his mother for his failure to pass any subject in high school forcing him to change his name from Murunganwa to Himbara in order to join University. When the Weed-Smoking propagandist found out that Dillea, his daughter, had turned to drugs for comfort after he abandoned her, he still blamed his mother for it. He deliberately overlooks his own catastrophic failure like his weed-smoking, binge drinking and selfishness led to his fall.

His grudge against women is incurable. Himbara, son of Byagamba will always blame his mother Mukamazimpaka Gaudence for sleeping with her step-son. His inferiority complex is reignited at the sight of a woman being promoted.

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