Mateke should be extradited to stand trial alongside his FDLR pawns La Forge and Nsekanabo

Ignace Nkaka, best known as La Forge Fils Bazeye, and Lt Col Jean-Pierre Nsekanabo, Former FDLR spokesperson and Head of the Intelligence respectively, were arrested in December 2018 by DR Congo authorities, at the Uganda – DR Congo border in Bunagana as they returned from Uganda. Upon extradition to Rwanda by the DR Congo Government, the two were held in custody in Rwanda, where they made damning revelations that exposed the depth of Uganda’s involvement in the protracted scheme of destabilizing Rwanda.

It turned out that before their arrest, the FDLR duo had been to Uganda at the invitation of the Ugandan leadership to discuss and agree on a collaboration pact, where Uganda would provide all necessary facilitation for FDLR, RNC, FNL and RUD-Urunana terror groups to carry out armed attacks on Rwandan people and public installations. The meeting was held on 15, December 2018 at Serena Hotel Kampala. Their designated contact person was 76 year-old Philemon Mateke, Uganda’s state minister for regional cooperation.

Museveni’s choice of Philemon Mateke as the coordinator of the anti-Rwanda destabilization plan was not a coincidence. According to those who know him, Mateke is motivated by a deep-seated anti-Tutsi ideology. Mateke’s boss Museveni based on this to appoint him to his cabinet, as the minister in charge of regional cooperation. In reality, ‘regional cooperation’ was Museveni’s subtle camouflage for the docket of coordinating the Rwanda destabilization project. It’s a very striking irony that a minister of the government of Uganda charged with regional cooperation and diplomacy is working precisely to blow up the region. Mateke’s appointment was part of Museveni’s longstanding ambitions of “regime change in Kigali”, which saw him covertly work with disgraced Rwandan officials like Kayumba Nyamwasa and Patrick Karegeya.

Upon appointment, Mateke hit the ground running. In spite of vehement denials and diversionary statements, the Ugandan Minister of ‘regional cooperation’ is accused of being behind the October attacks by armed groups in Musanze and Burera districts in Northern Province on the night of 3rd leading to 4th October 2019. Selemani Kabayija, who was the deputy commander of the Kinigi attack before he was captured by the Rwandan army, stated that Mateke was actively involved in the planning of the deadly armed onslaught that killed and injured many. In his statement, Kabayija said that during the attack, Nshimiye, alias Gavana who was the overall commander of the RUD-Urunana attack was on the phone and that they kept updating each other as the attackers entered Rwanda.

Yesterday, Tuesday March 10, Ignace Nkaka and Jean-Pierre Nsekanabo appeared before the High Court Chamber for International Crimes, in Nyanza, where the prosecutor mentioned their seven charges during the opening of the substantive hearing.

Considering the overwhelming evidence pointing towards Mateke as a culpable accomplice of the two in their subversive activities as well as the pivotal role he played in the Kinigi attack, the Government of Uganda should be compelled to extradite Mateke to Rwanda to undergo trial for their subversion alongside his disciples. This should not be difficult now that there is an extradition which constitutes a legal framework by which to handle individuals involved in subversive acts practiced by the nationals of one state against those of the other; or by the nationals of one’s country residing in the territory of the other.

In Rwanda’s outlined seven demands include one that calls on Uganda to hold accountable facilitators of RNC and RUD-Urunana networks, including Minister of State Philemon Mateke, Brig Gen Abel Kandiho, Brig Gen Fred Karara, Col CK Asiimwe, Maj Fred Mushambo, Col Kaka Bagyenda and other government officials involved in the same activities;

Other individuals that should be prepared for extradition are Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa’s terror group (RNC) agents; Prossy Bonabaana, Sulah Nuwamanya, Gideon Rukundo Rugali and all “RNC Uganda Province” members. In the previous Quadripartite summit that took place at Gatuna-Katuna border, Museveni was asked to take action against these individuals but is yet to act as per the communiqué.

Facts show that so far, no known Rwandan official, whether civilian or military has engaged in offences against Uganda.

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