Repair of Dodoma-Morogoro Bridge is bad news to RNC sycophants Himbara and Kambanda

Excitement gripped fugitive David Himbara at sight of human suffering and natural disasters. The RNC Weed Smoking Propagandist that masquerades as a Development activist loves nothing more than writing about death and destruction in East Africa. As East Africa batters some of the heaviest rainfall in modern days, he rejoices at the negative impact it causes.

When a bridge collapsed due to heavy rain on the Dodoma-Morogoro road, Tanzania, all he saw was Rwanda is isolated. He danced around saying that Rwanda import and export routes will now have to pass through Uganda. He figured the broken bridge was the answer for the Uganda-Rwanda border opening, the senile forgot that the collapsed bridge had nothing to do with Rwanda-Uganda impasse; there won’t be any compromise Rwanda’s demands to Uganda for the border opening still stand. Himbara being sponsored by the Ugandan regime, their priorities and prayers are his too.

Himbara’s assumptions and those of his masters were wrong; the bridge on the Dodoma-Morogoro road was repaired in barely 48 hours.

The weed-smoking propagandist’s narrative and joyful dance unmask some important realities. He confirms that he is not interested in development; he is more interested in having Rwanda become dependent on the Ugandan regime that sponsors him. The other aspect that is obvious with his premature jubilation is that the Ugandan regime has lost the argument on the border closure. They opted to keep hosting an anti-Rwandan hostile militia group to the detriment of the entire Ugandan economy. Himbara and his sponsors now hope for external factors to save them from their self-inflicted wounds. Their desperation for a border opening is that bad; hoping for a miracle, even bad news from Tanzania makes them dance.

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