Destitute Himbara Murunganwa naively thinks that Corona-virus is an isolated case for Rwanda

Once again, the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) terrorist propagandist David Himbara is desperately trying to exploit anything to hurt Rwanda. The weed-smoker, paid by the Uganda regime and RNC chief financier Rujugiro, decides to use the CODVID-19 outbreak to rumormonger against Rwanda. What is amazing is how a sponsored troll, while pretending to be a development activist, who lives in a Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) infected area still finds an angle to do his usual propaganda.

David Himbara has a documented sadistic past, he enjoyed slapping around his students and subordinates. It amused most of his former colleagues when he began to masquerade as a “human rights activist”. One of them said, “Himbara enjoys nothing more than abusing others. How can he pretend to care about anything else but himself?” His latest post confirms it; David Himbara is a psychopath incapable of normal human apathy and thought process.

As the world faces a dangerous outbreak that already reached his backyard, all he sees is trouble for Rwanda. He even forgets that his sponsoring Ugandan regime is at risk of great loss with the COVID-19 but their paycheques have blinded him beyond limits. While the weed-smoking propagandist rumbles about the Rwandan economy with his usual imaginary economic data, the rest of the world –and real development activists– are busy trying to contain the outbreak.

RNC failed to destabilize Rwanda, even with the Ugandan regime’s support; fugitive Himbara and his fellow terrorist are hoping COVID-19 will help them out. As usual, they underestimate Rwanda’s capacity and resilience.

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