It’s not by coincidence that Obed Katurebe exploits Kizito Mihogo’s suicide death

UCC’s Obed Katurebe is just not about to let Kizito Mihigo rest in peace even after his family eloquently requested everyone else not to be aggrieved more than them, and let him rest in peace.

However, even after being laid to rest one vicious vulture in the names of Obed Katurebe, on his Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere Facebook Page has refused to heed the solemn request by the family, and continues to spread rumours and malice concerning the dead.

Obed Katureebe, who everyone knows, is not doing this on his own accord. It is not a coincidence that he is senior civil servant working at the Uganda Communication Commission. And it is not a coincidence that for many years he has been running a Facebook Page dedicated to spreading malice and venomous propaganda against the Government of Rwanda. We all know that he is a blood relative of Patrick Karegeya and we know the latter’s connection with Uganda. We also know that Uganda has been supporting RNC and Kayumba Nyamwasa, and by extension other terrorist outfits like FDLR, RUD-Urunana, FNL and the like for years.

The rest is just propaganda. For instance, Katurebe claims Kizito Mihigo was denied an ID card, which is a constitutional right of every citizen.

By this claim, Katurebe wants to suggest that Mihigo only turned 18 when he started being involved with negative forces. The truth is Mihigo had been in the country many years before that and enjoyed rights and services like every other law abiding Rwandan citizen. He would travel in and out of the country at will until he decided to take the bait of terrorists; he then decided to use his songs to spread and promote a message of discord.

When he was given a long sentence by competent courts of law, Kizito Mihigo received a Presidential pardon alongside thousands of other Rwandans. He was made aware of the conditions of the pardon, but he decided to violate them, leading to his re-arrest. Katurebe may not know for certain whether Kizito had a passport or not, because he wasn’t arrested at a legally accepted migration exit point.

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