Useless RNC/NRM Activist Gideon Rukundo Rugali Screams Wolf For The Umpteenth Time.

In trying to generate attention to himself, crazy Rugali launches a rumor of a fake assassination against him. The rumor will soon fly over all over hostile blogs and Facebook accounts with the help of his fellow Anti-Rwanda allies like Bob Atwine, Sarah Kagingo, and Giles Muhame; all sponsored by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).
On the 29th of January Bob Atwine meet fellow hostile troll Rukundo Rugali in the anti-Rwanda campaign, they produce world-class smear and fabrication of a foiled assassination plot against Rugali. On the 28th of January, their colleague and fellow CMI sponsored Titus Seruga had ran the same rumor.

When Spyreport, Titus Seruga, CommandPost, and Grapevine writes that Rukundo Rugali is the alleged target of a plot, they present him as a surgeon married with five children. They deliberately omit a long list of embarrassing details. They forget to mention his past as a hunted PRA terrorist (anti-Museveni rebels) by CMI and how he was turned from a hunted terrorist to a pseudo-activist paid to smear Rwanda. They omit to say how Rugali was recruited by the Ugandan Minister for Security, Elly Tumwine, and the Ugandan Police Deputy IGP Muzeyi Sabiiti. Unfortunately, both Tumiwne and Sabiiti did not manage to tame Rugali. His indiscipline eventually got him fired for insubordination. None of them came to his defense when Diane Twine, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, threw him out of Mulango Hospital.

Rugali’s loss of income at the hospital was catastrophic for his family. Grapevine, Spyreport et. al, deliberately, forgets to mention that Rugali is actually polygamous. The Facebook troll has two wives and counts well over eight kids by the last count. He is also one of the few trolls known to have an official function in the “RNC Uganda Province”, Rugali is its Commissioner in charge of communication and media. But as if that was not enough, Rugali is also a self-declared NRM MP candidate for Ndorwa West.

Gideon Rugali’s stunt is a frivolous attempt to get attention hoping that it will get him in the Ugandan Parliament. The troll, who suddenly went quiet, has only one point on his manifesto. Bootlick Anti-Rwandan forces in the Ugandan regime to secure a seat in the Ugandan Parliament, he would become the first “RNC Uganda Province” to make it to parliament.

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