CMI sponsored troll Bob Atwine of Spyreports exposes his bankroller’s character

Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) sponsored Anti-Rwanda mouthpiece Spyreports run by Andrew Katusabe, Musiimenta Delight and Bob Atwine; is again attempting but also failing to drag Rwanda into Ugandan mess.

This is a diversion trick used by a the regime to hoodwink Ugandan citizens that endless murders and abductions are sponsored by foreign states. Loudmouth Spyreports is one of those mediums paid to just do that.

Let us start off by pretending we are more English than the English, shall we!
Since you think you are a tutor of English, tells us what this is, and I quote: “Uganda is home to millions of Rwandans, they are leaving more happily now….” how can they be happy and yet they are leaving Uganda? You live and leave one day…but it’s useless trying to teach a bigot. but its ok to make grammatical mistakes in spoken than written English.

May Spyreports also be reminded that in spite of Uganda being a member of the Commonwealth for centuries now, and benefiting from millions of pounds in scholarships, Uganda doesn’t appear anywhere in the most recent English Proficiency Index, not in Africa and not in the world. it is not surprising, seeing the English in spoken Uganda and that one written in its “Smearing Rwanda” campaigns.

However, Spyreports, since you put the English language as one of the points on your charge sheet, let me remind you that if the murder of the English Grammar were a crime, Uganda would be under a different leadership today.

Spyreports, while you falsely accuse Rwandan leaders of every death that occurs in Rwanda and the region, have you no shame?

Mayombo, Kawesi, Ojok, Kirumira, Nyakairima, to name but a few were all killed by State Mafias who are ordered to eliminate any potential candidate illegible to challenge the current ruler. Blaming Rwanda for your endless mess won’t hold water.

Let us conclude in English, dear Spyreports, you just told us that Uganda is home to millions of Rwandans, and they are leaving….do you still think a referendum to determine where Rwandans prefer to live is necessary?

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