Softpower’s Silly Propaganda After The Luanda MoU Meeting in Kampala

After spending a weekend nursing its wounds, the Ugandan regime vents through one of its unofficial channels. Through Softpower, a sponsored outlet that offers them the opportunity to publish lies, the Museveni regime has finally come out with a spin on the recent meeting of the Ad hoc Commission on the implementation of the Luanda MoU that took place in the capital Kampala. The Kampala meeting ended with the Ugandan side scratching their heads. The Ugandan regime, from the onset of the Luanda MoU, had no intention of abiding by the Memorandum of Understanding.

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Unfortunately, this was somehow expected as Museveni always says something and ends up doing the opposite. The Junta leader is reputed for signing, making grand declarations that he does not believe in. One example is his hypocritical fight against corruption; Museveni talks about it, organizes a walk and dances anti-corruption while enabling corruption and rewarding the corrupt with high position in the Uganda government. His regime is used to empty rhetoric, ceremonial fanfare, and public relations stunts; but stalling Rwanda on the MoU backfired.

The Kampala meeting was the second implementation meeting. The first meeting took place in September, in Kigali, and a communique clearly indicated what Uganda was required to do by the second meeting. According to the communique in September, the Uganda delegation was given a list of Rwandans illegally detained in secret detention facilities, they had promised to investigate, release or charge the abducted Rwandans. Almost three months later, after failing to invite the second meeting, Uganda came back empty handed proposing another communiqué to state that they should set up another commission to verify what the delegation was supposed to verify since September.

Point 1 of the Communique; “Rwanda provided a list”

The “filibustering” on human lives, on Rwandan rights, was not going to work; the Rwandan delegation refused to play to the gallery and in the press conference that followed the meeting, the public had a glimpse of the seriousness of the Rwandan accusations versus the vague Ugandan excuses. The Rwandan delegation was clear, “Uganda illegally arrests and tortures Innocent Rwandans” and added that there are subversive terror groups that operate in Uganda.

One could also most see the cold sweat on the Ugandan Minister of Foreign affairs, Sam Kutesa. It takes a lot to shake him, yet even his corruption scandals hardened thick skin could not digest the “call a spade a spade” approach of the Rwandan delegation. Kutesa could not bear the pressure during the press conference. To the question of why is it so hard for Uganda to either release or charge Rwandans, Kutesa simply chocked.

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Softpower’s spin cannot undo what the public witnessed, Uganda refusing to release of charge innocent and to cease its support to violent armed militias against Rwanda. Museveni signed the MoU but never intended to implement it.

Stay tuned for Part Two; it will examine Museveni’s reaction to The Rwandan Delegation revelation that the Ugandan Minister of State for Regional Cooperation, Philemon Mateke was in constant communication with RUD-Urunana militias that attacked the Nothern Province of Rwanda, Kinigi and killed 14 innocent civilians with machetes and hammers.

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