The Anti-Rwanda Entreprise Based In Ugandan Attempts To Sanitize Umuhoza

Jackie Umuhoza the daughter of Deo Nyirigira, a renowned Rwanda National Congress (RNC) member, was arrested and is currently being investigated by the Rwandan Investigation Bureau. Her links to RNC and the Ugandan regime that sponsors them are apparent with the vicious propaganda to sanitize the serious charges of espionage and treason leveled against her.


A fury of posts and articles has been issued by known RNC sympathetic outlets. Some of these outlets are known to be directly funded by the Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI). In other words a suspected spy and traitor is receiving support from a foreign spy agency known for its support to terrorism.

The coordinated campaign tries to paint her as an innocent victim of her father’s opinion when in reality it is a case of a family involved in terror activities. The RNC is not a “political opposition”, it is a group consisting of disgraced Generals, Colonels, Majors, and other fugitives etc… They began their nasty plots by hurling grenades at innocents civilians and continued to forming militias to attack Rwanda.

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Umuhoza’s father, Deo Nyirigira runs AGAPE Church based in Mbarara (Uganda) which serves as a recruitment center for the RNC terrorist group led by the fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa. Nyirigira uses his pulpit as a disguise for his real mission in Uganda: recruiting for RNC instead of recruiting for God. They obtain state support from Corrupt Museveni’s regime in forcefully recruiting innocents Rwandans. Through CMI, hundreds of Rwandans are abducted and offered to join RNC, those who refuse are tortured and illegally detained indefinitely in secret facilities.

Emmanuel Cyemayire, a Rwandan national who was abducted and tortured by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), revealed that Umuhoza’s Father, Nyirigira, worked with CMI in the his persecution and that of other Innocent Rwandans in Uganda. The father It is not only the Nyirigira with links to terrorism.

Umuhoza’s brother Felix Mwizerwa has also been involved with RNC activities in Uganda. In 2017, Mwizerwa and CMI coordinated the transfer of 46 RNC recruits to Minembwe, DRC Congo, where they have a military base. Mwizerwa was on the same bus with RNC recruits who were intercepted by Ugandan Police at Kikagati border. Mwizerwa and his recruits were later released by CMI and sent back to Minembwe to fight for Kayumba Nyamwasa; It’s public knowledge that Umuhoza’s brother Mwizerwa was among commanding officers in Nyamwasa’s militia in Minembwe. Much like the Osama Ben Laden family, terrorism is a family business in the Nyirigira family.

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The Nyirigira family has numerous established links to the Ugandan sponsored enterprise to destabilize Rwanda. These links go all the way to the First family in Uganda. Umuhoza, charged with espionage and treason, the exact same network that hurls hostile propaganda, finances and supporters terror groups on media and social media.

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