“RPF Gakwerere” losing his mind

The person using the pseudonym “RPF Gakwerere” on Facebook is losing his mind, for sure. It is none other than fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa, a self-exiled Rwandan who thought that he would leave then destabilize Rwanda – only for his forces in eastern DRC to be battered.

Now “RPF Gakwerere” is licking his wounds. He has taken to conducting online abuses on Facebook. That is the only place now where Nyamwasa can wage a war. He has been taught an unforgettable lesson in the forests of Congo. With the recent summit in Angola, it is clear that RNC’s bandit activities in DR Congo are over.

Losing his mind is making him shout out loud. The man, from his luxury hideout in Mzansi, i.e. South Africa is pretending that his loss in Minembwe is not that serious. Of course! After all he wasn’t there to listen to the music his poor, ragtag force was facing. The whole world saw the pictures of the remains of the ragtag RNC fellows that had faced that music.

Nyamwasa can enjoy his wines in Mzansi, with his wife as they run their businesses in Pretoria, Mozambique and elsewhere, using the monies they collect from gullible contributors whom they deceive that “they will capture Rwanda.” This fellow is very devious indeed. Now the Sibos are dead, and the Habibs captured, yet he is talking very big words on Facebook! Wonders never cease.

The question for Nyamwasa though is, how many more children of Banyarwanda will he manage to deceive again? Zero! He can rest assured that after the world saw those pictures of the Habibs, Sibos and others no other person will allow himself to be recruited into the RNC sinking ship.

Even if Kandiho tortures whatever Banyarwanda his CMI will abduct – as usual as one of the recruitment methods – to make them agree to join RNC, no one will agree.

Better to die in CMI dungeons than go to Congo to be shot like wild monkeys!

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