Nyamwasa’s witchcraft no match for determined forces

The person that calls himself “RPF Gakwerere” also known as Kayumba Nyamwasa, boss of the terrorist RNC is becoming a bit more mad each passing day. Ever since some few weeks ago when his RNC band was hammered and scattered in DR Congo, the man’s Facebook posts are displaying all the telltale signs of a mind in disarray. 

First he is pretending that the dead people that Congolese army showed on social media are “Banyamulenge”, which was a total lie. Even a prominent fighter of Nyamwasa’s RNC, one Charles Sibo was shown lying dead. That man is not a “Munyamulenge”. Equally Mudasir Habib who was captured alive is no Munyamulenge. But RNC is sticking to that fiction, hee! What a laughing stock “RPF Gakwerere” has become.

The man in a desperate bid to divert attention from his many problems has then chosen to fixate on the wedding of the First Daughter. Since Saturday, that is what “RPF Gakwerere” has been fixated on. The man is insanely demanding to see pictures of the wedding, as if that is any of his business. He then makes the outlandish claim that “lack of pictures means it’s a satanic event!”

This fellow either has never heard the phrase “private event”, or he is completely losing his mind. I would bet on the latter.

What is more satanic than luring, and sending young Rwandans to their deaths in the juggles of eastern DRC while he himself and his wife and children are enjoying the luxuries of Life in South Africa? He fools those recruited in his rebel group that “they will have ample support”, yet rushes his cousin, Kayumba Rugema, away from the battlefield. Talk of “Satanic”!

The only conclusion is that his constant reference to Satanic things, Devil worshiping and mysticism indicate he is a strong believer in witchcraft! But he forgot that witchcraft is no protection when determined forces come for his hapless rebels.

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