Tshisekedi serves up a cocktail of chaos, as future of DRC looks more dire

As the four principal challengers of Tshisekedi in the upcoming presidential elections were being clobbered senseless by the police and goons by a gang hired by Tshisekedi’s UDPS party, the ruler was thousands of miles away in China, laughing at their pain.

Speaking to the Congolese community living in China, Tshisekedi accused the opposition figures, who were at the moment facing the extreme of his brutality, of “not knowing what they want.” In essence, the brutal Tshisekedi was telling the Congolese community that his competitors deserved every beating and persecution they got.

But Tshisekedi wasn’t in China to meet the Congolese community. The main purpose of his visit was to purchase killer drones, which, as he has spelled out clearly, intends to use against the M23 and Rwanda.

As if this is not enough, the Congolese ruler is castigating the East African Regional Forces (EACRF), and he is planning to send them packing and replace them with the SADC forces whom he “trusts” will help him in his apocalyptic mission.

Add all this to the ongoing chaos in Kwamouth, Bandundu, Kwango, and Mai Ndombe, and you have the prelude of how Tshisekedi intends to plunge Congo and the entire region into chaos.

The total sum of all this, when the dust finally settles, according to Tshisekedi’s calculations, will crown him the president without the rigors of an election in which he knows he would suffer a humiliating defeat.

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