UN Security Council delegation’s visit to DR Congo: There is no magical wand for the crisis

The three-day visit by UN Security Council delegation to Kinshasa left a pointed message to Tshisekedi’s clumsy regime: “don’t expect the United Nations to resolve things magically and instantly at place of the Congolese authorities”.

This message was conveyed by the French Ambassador to the UN, Nicolas de Riviere, who also called on Congolese leaders to embark on political solutions over belligerence. Just a fortnight, when president Macron visited DRC, he also underscored that “France will not bring the solution to the DRC crisis.” This is a very timely message to Tshisekedi; a real wake up call!

This is what Tshisekedi is getting after his on-the stump whining. His propaganda that accuses Rwanda to be ‘the cause of DRC problems’, is crumbling big time! The world has had enough of the incompetence of the regime that has been dodging its responsibility to pacify the Eastern part of the country for nearly 30 years.

It is high time Tshisekedi abandons being theatrical, it doesn’t pay off at all. The whole region continues to be in peril due to his ineffectiveness and lack of political will. There is an urgency to get back to basics and observe provisions drew by regional peace initiatives (Nairobi peace process and Luanda roadmap). The sole lasting solution that will end the continuous mess in DRC.

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