The time is now for sanctions against Tshisekedi and cronies

The international community has given ample time for the whiny President of DRC, Tshisekedi to vent all he wants against Rwanda and its leaders with the most uncouth and undiplomatic propaganda and smears. But it is high time they look at reality in its blunt face. The main problem of DRC; the main instigator of insecurity in the country and hence the wider region, is the Kinshasa regime. It’s high time everyone looked into the solution of sanctioning Tshisekedi and his cabal, Internationally.

It would be self-deceiving and a disservice to the people of Congo, by the big powers not to see that Tshisekedi and his clique are wrecking the DRC, deliberately, to serve their greedy, selfish interests. Even worse not to realize innocent people continue to suffer and die at the expense of the brutal, ruthless, and careless regime of president Tshisekedi.

With the support of regional leaders and other leaders by far, numerous mechanisms have been put in place to attempt a peace plan, but it has turned out to be nothing but a waste of resources and time. From The Kampala declaration to Luanda Road Map, the Nairobi agreement, and other mechanisms, Tshisekedi has never consented to any of them. He just signs and counter-signs with barbaric actions on the ground.

At the moment, all that Tshisekedi cares about is to do everything possible—including shedding more blood of innocent Congolese using his unprofessional army FARDC and their genocidal allies like FDLR, Mai-Mai (Nyatura and Yakutumba), PARECO, ACPLS, and Wagner group—to postpone elections slated December this year.

Fighting M23, which has proven to be pro-peace—mainly through the agreement of ceasefire, abandoning its captured territories to existing regional forces— has been nothing but a lousy pretext by the inept regime of Tshisekedi to cause more havoc to the Congolese people. It would be hypocrisy of the west to swipe these pretenses under the carpet.

There is nothing on the ground that doesn’t call for international sanctions against Tshisekedi and his cronies. From the plight of Congolese people, especially those in the Eastern two Kivus, to a deliberately established malfunctioning regime and the plundering of the country’s resources, enough should be enough.

If credible sanctions exist, then the current misrulers of DRC are vivid culprits.

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