RNC paid mouthpiece Himbara lost relevance, his blackmail campaign won’t stop Rwanda from progressing

David Murunganwa alias Himbara, a paid mouthpiece of Rwanda National Congress-RNC terror group is so much bothered by President Kagame’s statement that “Rwanda is a solid as a rock”. The Head of State’s statements are known for always throwing anti-Rwanda elements/groups into panic mode. They make them realize that whatever evil plot they hatch against Rwanda will only remain mere fantasies.

The failed academician Himbara compares current Rwandan leadership with the former genocidal regime of Juvenal Habyarimana. The weed-smoking propagandist is yet to grasp the fact that Rwanda has changed for good. Yes Habyarimana used to boast how invincible he was, but how could he? When he had accumulated millions of Rwandan enemies whom he had deprived of their fundamental rights including the right to nationality.

Let alone someone who brands himself a ‘Professor”, even a layman would tell the difference between President Kagame’s leadership and that of Habyarimana. Current leadership is anchored on full participation of all Rwandans regardless of their tribes and the regions they hail from. To the contrary Habyarimana’s regime was built on the ideals of tribalism and sectarianism; we all know the divide and rule politics don’t last.

President Kagame’s statement is vindicated by the country’s political agenda and the milestones his leadership has registered ever since he came to power. Having pick up the country from ashes with empty state coffers; the Head of State and his government managed to pull the country to the right track. They instilled values of hard work, resilience, developing homegrown solutions, thinking big, staying together and being accountable to each other.

Yes, Rwanda is as solid as rock, the Rwandan economy has been growing to a record tune of double digits (10.01%) and slightly below that due to global economic constraints brought by the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war. Rwanda maintains its ambitious goals on financial independency. Rwanda domestically finances its national budget at the tune of 80.05%, this has seen the country’s debt-to-GDP dwindling significantly.

The RNC sponsored propagandist Himbara omits the fact that President Kagame presides over a pluralism of democracy with equal power sharing. Rwanda has over ten-10 registered opposition parties with slots in cabinet, National Assembly, the Senate and the judiciary. Himbara will spin anything to paint a picture that the Rwandan leader is no different from his predecessor. However, facts constantly contradict his misguided submissions.

Himbara is the man with delusions of grandeur who falsely thinks knows what’s right for Rwanda; but then the truth is, he never talks about the realities of the country. For instance, on alleged electoral fraud; President Kagame was always elected into office in fair, free and transparent elections. Independent credible observers and the civil society have alluded to the country’s constitutional electoral process. But who’s Himbara to deny such facts? A man who fled accountability to join a terrorist group hell-bent on destroying Rwanda’s hard-earned gains? People should know why Murunganwa blackmails President Kagame’s leadership.

Still on the constitutional amendment, Himbara just like his fellow agenda-driven anti-Rwanda elements lay the blame of changing the national constitution on the President. Undisputable facts (which can easily be verified), show that Article 101 of the constitution (on term limits) was amended to reflect the will of the Rwandan people. This was done through a national referendum in which the majority voted in favor of scraping term limits which legally allowed President Kagame to rerun for the top seat.

The self-proclaimed Professor, Himbara should really focus on the future of his ragtag terrorist outfit-RNC, his deteriorating health conditions in his hideout in Canada. Murunganwa’s disjointed utterances and blackmail campaign are for the gullible. No sensible person will be distracted by such kind of nonsense.

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