Jaynet Kabila’s strange “logic” that calls for Rwanda to “dialogue” with terrorists

Jaynet Kabila, sister to Tshisekedi’s predecessor Joseph Kabila, reasons that since “FDLR have killed more people in Congo than they have killed in Rwanda, that is why Rwanda should dialogue with them and get them out of Congo so that peace can prevail.”

She admits that FDLR is one of the root causes of conflict in the Eastern DRC, but for some mysterious reason, she wants Rwanda to appease the genocidaires for their sake and get them out of their country, as if Rwanda sent them to Congo in the first place!

Jaynet feigns ignorance to the fact that it is her father who emboldened FDLR terrorists by arming them and integrating them into the Congolese political and military system. Her brother’s rule after her father did not do anything to kick FDLR out of Congo, despite existing mechanisms mediated by the United Nations mission in Congo-MONUSCO that obliged the Congolese army to disarm and repatriate them to Rwanda, which remains willing to this day, to receive and integrate them into society.

Kabila’s sister repeats the twisted logic used of Congolese leaders presenting that “since the FDLR has killed more Congolese than it has killed Rwandans” Rwanda shouldn’t be complaining about their presence in Congo. Rwanda has expressed her security concerns to the DRC leadership for decades, and offered to work with all stakeholders in regional security to eradicate FDLR whose members were part of those who committed the 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda and have been planning to gain strength to return and finish from where they were forced to abandon.

Equating genocidaire outfit FDLR and the Congolese movement of M23 – who are fighting to restore the dignity of the Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese – is wrong, and it is a false equivalence.

Congo’s problem is more than just the insurgency by the M23. The endless conflict in the Eastern part of the country is the total sum of a succession of incompetent leaders who blame their problems on their neighbors instead of finding solutions, once and for all.

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