RNC vuvuzela Himbara grapples with comprehending deepening Rwanda-Singapore ties

David Murunganwa alias Himbara who speaks for a terrorist militia- Rwanda National Congress can’t hide his obsessions with Rwandan Head of State. The psych ward’s regular attendant goes an extent of appointing himself as President Kagame’s “Strategic Advisor” but one wonders how on earth a crook who failed to lead a department in an institution positions himself as a “smart guy”.

President Kagame’s visit to Singapore was about fostering the existing warm relations between two countries. Both nations share many things in common which led to their historical ties that have mutually benefited citizens of two countries.

The RNC motormouthed vuvuzela Murunganwa still fails to comprehend how countries and leaders relate. Rwanda and Singapore have partnered in various sectors including education (capacity building), Information Communication and Technology-ICT, innovation and trade. Since the establishment of the bilateral relations, Rwanda opened an Embassy in Singapore to facilitate and expedite the execution of the bilateral packs between two fast-growing economies.

There is nothing new under the son for Himbara and his blackmail campaign against Rwanda, it remains a lost battle. He should concentrate on taking his medicine before the bedridden heroin-sniffer breaths his last.

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