Tshisekedi contradicts himself on FDLR presence in DRC as President Macron takes him to task to dismantle the group

On the occasion of the just concluded United Nations General Assembly-UNGA77, during a sideline meeting, French President Emmanuel Macron urged DR Congo leader Felix Tshisekedi to cease all kind of collaborations with the backlisted genocidal and terrorist group-FDLR that has been threatening the region’s security and causing mayhem to the Congolese people.

President Macron who offered to mediate between Rwandan President and Tshisekedi stressed the need to dismantle FDLR, an outfit he described as stumbling block to peace both in DRC and the region at large. Owing to its worst track record on gross human rights abuses including the ferocious atrocities it has committed against Congolese, regional leaders and the international community have all repeatedly called upon the DRC regime ruler to root FDLR out of Congo to give peace a chance in the conflict-torn Eastern part of the country.

Addressing the UNGA, Tshisekedi told world leaders that “FDLR had reduced to nothing”, however verifiable facts show the group still exists and continue to wreak terror on Congolese people and engages in hit, run attacks against Rwanda. For instance, it was established (verified by the Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism-EJVM) that FDLR with full backing of DRC Army-FARDC, fired rockets on the Rwandan soil thrice between May and June. The shelling resulted in lost of scores of lives and destruction of properties.

The same group that Tshisekedi calls inexistent claimed responsibility of the armed attacks. One doesn’t need to rack his mind to challenge Tshisekedi’s submissions, FLDR is well established in DRC’s army, it controls territories (where it conducts mineral exploitation, trade and solicits taxes), the genocidal group has elaborate structures both in the military and political wings.

Furthermore, FDLR has been issuing statements on various occasions in which it firmly articulates its agenda, and the mission to defend the Congolese territory against alleged Rwanda’s invasion.

Tshisekedi’s contradictions yet again confirms his unbreakable bond with FDLR. On the other hand, this exhibits his failure to discharge his constitutional duties as a Head of State, the leader, rather, sees it fit to drag Rwanda into his internal affairs hence tainting her image on the international arena as an “aggressive state”.

DRC regime’s legitimization of a notorious terror, genocidal group responsible for the 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda should serve as an eye opener to both regional and global players on the danger the unholy alliance imposes to Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region, its main objective is to destabilize Rwanda’s security.

Despite Tshisekedi’s tireless efforts to escalate the conflict beyond the region, he is disillusioned by Macron’s stance on the issue which he shares with regional leaders and the African Union; the common denominator has always been to deal with FDLR as far as restoration of peace is concerned.

Dismantling FDLR, is a bitter pill that Tshisekedi must swallow by hook or crook.

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