Rwanda Social Security Board’s operationalization is alien to RNC motor-mouthed troll Himbara

The RNC terror outfit weed-addict David Murunganwa aka Himbara is running out of material to discredit President Kagame’s leadership. He is overworking his deluded mind in attempt to portray Rwanda’s parastatal institution as a business failure in total ignorance and disregard of prevailing facts.

The Rwanda’s Social Security Board runs myriad of huge investments projects that range from real estates, manufacturing, and agriculture among others. The institution has consistently posted huge yields from its portfolios. The lunatic RNC minion Himbara twisted the Auditor General’s report to suit his anti-Rwanda narrative. The report in question reveals delays in the completion of some Real Estate projects but doesn’t rule out the fact that RSSB investments generate revenues.

For delusional Himbara’s information, RSSB has made strong financial returns in both dividends and capital appreciation on its portfolios in various sectors such as infrastructure, manufacturing, service, agriculture and equity investment. In its Strategic Plan-SP2, the institution targets 15% annual return on all portfolios.

Before the roll of SP2 which is expected to cover the next 5 years; the RSSB was making an annual return of 6% on all portfolios whereas new investments were set at the tune of 1% of the annual returns. This was done in consideration of the Covid19 pandemic’s impact on economic activities and growth.

Himbara’s arguments cast doubt on his claimed expertise in economics. His inability to understand and interpret fundamental principles of economics, and how investments operate corroborate yet again the fact that the heroin-sniffer scored lowest marks in a school.

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