HRW entangled in its web of lies and falsehoods about Rwanda, again

Human Rights Watch (HRW) and its unscrupulous head have once again revealed that they can never be at ease, unless they have some nasty thing to concoct about Rwanda and her leadership.

This time around, the deceitful “rights watchdog” has opted to regurgitate a series of unfounded reports “on human rights violations in Rwanda” that it had produced over a decade ago, in an apparent attempt to sabotage the recently-signed Migration and Economic Development Partnership between Rwanda and the United Kingdom.

To go further into their baseless concoctions, HRW’s lifetime executive director, Kenneth Roth, took to Twitter to claim without giving any evidence that Rwandans who speak against “President Kagame’s repression can face prosecution, torture, disappearance, or even death.”

Roth was echoing the stance of anti-Rwanda attacking dogs composed mainly of “Ibigarasha” – crooks that failed accountability demands and escaped justice, and Interahamwe genocidaires that are at large while masquerading as “opposition”.

HRW’s position has yet again demonstrated that when it comes to Rwanda, it always sides with criminals just as American diplomat Richard Johnson once revealed in The Travesty of Human Right Watch on Rwanda. The diplomat referred to HRW’s work in and about Rwanda as “profoundly unscrupulous in both its means and its ends.”

It is high time for HRW to stop poking its nose into Rwanda’s affairs as its biased agenda was unmasked a long time ago. Enough is enough!

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