Tshisekedi regime has to be made to stop genocide against Tutsi Congolese citizens

The genocide ideology that defeated ex-FAR and Interahamwe took with them to Congo (former Zaire) and planted there has grown, and has been spreading during the duration of their stay there. Now, current president Felix Tshisekedi is doing even more, his regime disseminating anti-Rwanda hate, and genocide against Tutsi Congolese.

This was possible because the genocidaires were incorporated into previous Congolese regimes in what analysts called “a government within another government.” Their system took advantage of every moment to impart the genocide ideology, through grass-root mobilization, and grew it throughout the localities of Eastern Congo.

However the criminals could easily succeed because of the failures of Congolese regimes to offer any satisfactory leadership to their people. Despite its resources, DRC remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Millions wake up, and go to bed hungry. So, failed governments like Tshisekedi’s resort to cheap populism, and that’s why they work with groups like FDLR, to intoxicate poor Congolese populations with anti-Rwanda hate, and hate of their fellow citizens that happen to be Tutsi.

The world should be left with no doubt about the causes of the genocide that is unfolding in Congo today. It is the result of genocidaires working with unscrupulous Congolese authorities – the FDLR to continue with their genocidal agenda, and the weak Tshisekedi to cling onto power by inciting violence. Analysts say in fact Tshisekedi hopes to exploit widespread violence (crimes against humanity) to put off elections.

The Genocide against the Congolese Tutsi is following the exact script of the genocide against the Tutsi, to the slightest of details.

Surprisingly, the international community seems to be doing very little. The world should remember that inaction was the response to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.

Is the world going to stand by again as another tragedy unfolds in the region?

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